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Psychologist Session

Therapy Services

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

Changing thinking and behavior patterns to interrupt unhelpful cycles and includes:

Exposure and Response Prevention

Behavior Activation

Habit Reversal Training

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy:

Building awareness and acceptance of our thoughts, feelings, and inner experiences in order to build meaningful lives and includes:


Values-Based Interventions

Evidence Based Treatment

As a cognitive-behavior therapist, I strive to help people better understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We will practice new ways of responding to distressing thoughts and feelings to reduce suffering and increase effective ways of coping. Therapy involves both acceptance and change: acknowledging current circumstances without judgment in order to make improvements in one’s life. Sessions are individualized to your needs and tailored to your priorities. I aim to help clients increase their psychological flexibility, essentially being able to do what works for their goals and values even in the face of emotional distress. Often, this will involve helping people face their fears, offer themselves self-compassion, and increase their sense of presence in their lives


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